Sunday, April 10, 2011


This Blog is under construction!  It will probably be a couple of weeks before I actually get started...

Some of my friends using Blogs are/did get screwed over so I will be proceeding with caution...imho it is sad that something that could be so positive can turn into a huge fiasco in seconds...

I would also like to say that people should learn to claim responsibility for their actions...I mean really, if you are old enough and brave enough to hurt another person for whatever reason(s), then be mature enough to say that you did it and why...if you do not then you are nothing but a coward...!!!

<3 n hugs


  1. Exactly! They could just delete and keep it moving!

  2. i hope you find that this is a place where you can be open to write down your thoughts :) i will have to admit that at first i thought i would be too nervous to share anything but "fluff" but then i figured, to hell with it. this is my place, and these are my thoughts and if you don't like me or what i have to say, jog on! <3